Addiction treatment often involves more than simply getting clients that are in treatment to stop using drugs. Treatment also involves learning how to change their behavioral or mental health issues that contribute to relationship difficulties. Those who have not attended an addiction treatment center may not know how treatment works to change the behaviors and decisions that lead to substance abuse and addiction. There are currently a wide variety of approaches to treatment, our experiential therapy program. This approach is not only meant to help patients stop using drugs but can also assist in helping to restore relationships. Whether you are worried about a friend or a loved one, finding an addiction treatment that offers experiential therapy can save a life. If you are worried about your significant other, a men’s addiction treatment center or women’s addiction treatment center provides support for their recovery. To learn about treatment options and how they may benefit you, please contact Addiction Rehab Centers today at 844.910.0686.

What Is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy encompasses a wide range of therapeutic options in addiction treatment programs. This type of therapy goes beyond talk therapy, which involves sitting in a therapist’s office and talking for the length of the session. Some studies have determined that simply talking about addiction issues or relationship issues in a strict, limiting environment. As a result, it may not be the right approach for all individuals.

However, experiential therapy takes patients outside of the therapist’s office into environments where they feel more comfortable. Examples of experiential therapy options available at Addiction Rehab Centers include:

  • Recreation therapy
  • Music or art therapy
  • Hiking or rock climbing
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Role-playing or play therapy

Another therapy that we often use in conjunction with experiential therapy in addiction treatment is Gestalt therapy. This approach involves viewing problems or issues as blocking the ability of the patient to experience happiness. Some may turn to substance abuse and addiction when they experience mental health concerns or other issues that may affect their ability to experience pleasure and satisfaction. This therapy wants patients to focus on not reliving their past and discovering the things that are happening in their current life.

Experiential Therapy for Relationships and Family Therapy

We often use family therapy as part of the therapeutic approaches that include experiential therapy for relationships. Through this treatment, patients can experience forgiveness, love, and changes in their perception of reality.

Forgiveness is key during family therapy, as loved ones learn to understand what the person in recovery is experiencing. Once they get through the initial process, they can concentrate on the current situation rather than focusing on the past. Many people in recovery face troublesome family issues, such as the effects of the patient’s addiction on the family. Through family therapy, patients and loved ones can address these issues.

Experiential Therapy in Addiction Treatment at Addiction Rehab Centers

If you’re ready to reach out and learn how to live without the devastating effects of addiction, you do not have to wait another day. Do not fear the possibility of feeling trapped in a small office or being judged for your addiction. Experiential therapy provides an excellent outlet to use the many tools you learn in the great outdoors or other areas. In addition, patients have the opportunity to re-experience their good memories rather than reliving the bad memories that took them down the dangerous, lonely road of addiction.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we’re committed to providing the best possible care for our clients. If you’re ready to put your addiction in the past, we welcome you to reach out to our caring and compassionate treatment team. We can also tell you about our other programs, such as:

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