Around 15 million people struggle with an alcohol use disorder, which makes it the most common addiction in the US. It also means you’re more likely to have an alcoholic family member. Watching a loved one struggle with addiction takes a terrible toll. It also leaves you wondering how to help an alcoholic family member.

Talk with Your Family to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

The first answer in regard to how to help an alcoholic family member is simply to talk with them. Try your best to make it a conversation, rather than an argument. Arguments make people dig in their heels and defend their actions. A conversation leaves room for understanding.

Wait until your loved one is sober. Express how concerned you are about their drinking. Tell them about how it affects you and others in the family. Let them know that there is help out there, and they won’t face everything alone.

Stage an Intervention for an Alcoholic Family Member

If conversations don’t work, you can stage an intervention. An intervention gathers a person’s friends and family. Everyone talks about how the person’s alcohol abuse affects them. It’s also an opportunity to encourage them to seek help in a rehab program.

Again, it’s crucial that the conversation isn’t just people venting their frustrations and anger. If you feel that the intervention could turn into that, reach out to an intervention specialist. They help guide the intervention toward constructive ends. They can also help you make arrangements with a treatment program.


The best answer to how to help an alcoholic family member is for you to get them enrolled in a treatment program. Alcohol withdrawal causes severe symptoms, which is why treatment starts with detox. Detox programs can ease the symptoms with medication.

After your family member completes detox, they’ll move on to a rehab program. Residential and intensive outpatient programs show the best results. Your family member either lives or spends a substantial part of their day at the rehab center. The alcoholic family member will participate in several forms of therapy, such as:

You may also participate in portions of the treatment. A family therapy program is common in rehab. They give you and your family member a chance to address the effects of alcoholism. They also provide the groundwork for healthier family dynamics moving forward. This can make a huge difference for the alcoholic family member.

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