Heading into a residential addiction treatment program is a significant step. If you or someone you care about is about to take this step, congratulations are in order. Of the many questions that may be spiraling through your head, “What can I take with me?” might be one of them. Most rehab centers provide suggested packing lists, but we offer some helpful hints about tangible and intangible things that you might want to have with you.

The residential addiction treatment program at Pennsylvania Teen & Adult Challenge (PAATC) is a safe place where you can begin your recovery journey surrounded by compassionate, professional staff as well as others undergoing the same process you are. For more information about inpatient rehab at PAATC or to find out more about what to pack for rehab, visit our website or complete our online form, and someone will get back to you.

What to Bring to Rehab

Rehab is neither vacation nor summer camp, but you still want to prepare yourself for both the setting and purpose. It is essential that you have what you need and that you also have a few things that you want. For instance, you may want things that will make you feel at home and connected to loved ones and give you access to what holds meaning for you.

Check with your addiction treatment center to see if they have any specific restrictions or requirements. In the meantime, this is what your rehab packing list will likely include:

  • Clothing that adheres to your rehab center’s dress code
  • Personal hygiene items and any toiletries as long as they are unopened upon arrival and do not contain alcohol
  • Prescription medications in the original bottle and containing dosage instructions (these may be held by the staff and administered to you)
    Items of practical use or necessity such as your photo ID, phone list for your emergency contacts, and petty cash or a debit card for incidental purchases
  • A prepaid calling card if your rehab does not allow cell phones
  • Personal items including things that will offer you solace, familiarity, and comforts, such as a photo or two from home, a favorite pillow, or blanket
  • A memento of personal importance or spiritual meaning

What Else You’ll Need in Rehab

Participating in residential addiction treatment is one of the most important and profound things you will ever do. Starting your recovery journey won’t be easy. However, it gets easier over time, especially when you have excellent professionals and a support network of others going through the same thing you are.

Here are some intangible things for your mental packing list. When you are thinking about what to bring to rehab, consider these as well. They can be very helpful as you start your journey.

  • A willingness to change your mind — What you think you know may not be true. If you believe you are unimportant, think you don’t deserve better, or are a loser, be willing to change your mind. When your mind changes, you’ll see that recovery is possible, and you deserve it.
  • Honesty — Being honest with yourself and others is vital for recovery. In rehab, no one cares about what you see as your terrible acts or unforgivable sins. Live in truth and realize that nothing bad, and much good, will come from that.
  • Unwillingness to make excuses — Making excuses is another form of dishonesty. Your willingness to admit and make amends is a huge part of recovery.
  • A sense of humor — If you can laugh at your own foibles and the stumbles you and all of us have made, the load you carry will feel a bit lighter, and the work you do will be a little easier.
  • A desire for true change — You are entering an addiction treatment program for a reason. It is probably because you are ready for things to be different. You don’t want to continue on the same road. Remind yourself every day that you truly want change in your life. It is the “why” of rehab.
  • Accept that you are worthy of something better — Even if you do not truly feel this way now, be willing to accept it as a possibility. You are absolutely worthy of the life you imagine

Learn More About a Rehab Packing List at PAATC

Having a sensible list of what to pack for rehab can feel like just the right small step to take in the weeks or days prior to admission. Creating a rehab packing list shows that you are ready to start the journey of recovery.

If PAATC is your destination for residential addiction treatment, we will welcome you with open arms. If you have not decided yet, give us a call at 844.442.8673 or fill out our online form to talk to someone who can answer any questions you have.